The Dragonfly

Why did I choose a dragonfly as the symbol of my healing practice? In some cultures dragonflies are revered as instruments of enlightenment and transformation. As a child I was afraid of them. We called them darning needles and I thought they could bite or pierce you...I would run from them in fear. Yet the mystery of the dragonfly was slowly revealed to me and now I share it with you.

When I began to study Kabbalah, and specifically Kabbalistic healing, we would often call on the infinite power of the four-letter unpronounceable name of God, called by some as Yaweh. The Hebrew spelling of this word: Yod, Hei, Vav, and Hei (YHVH) cannot be pronounced because in Hebrew the letters require the addition of vowels for pronunciation and this word has no vowels. Because YHVH is a symbol of the infinite nature of the Divine, beyond time, space, and our comprehension, pronunciation would be limiting. Yet channeling this united power of heaven and earth, as represented by YHVH, is the source of all healing.

The word YHVH is a symbolic way of uniting all aspects of Divine energy and power. Within the letters is the key to the Oneness of all creation because YHVH is also symbolic of the tension of opposites ... male/female ... sun/moon ... light/darkness ... inhale/exhale ... potential/manifestation. The two opposites together form a the protons and electrons in a single atom. The balance and alignment of the universe depends on this tension of opposites, like atomic structure, and like the infinity sign. But, YHVH cannot be pronounced, so how can it be used in healing?

Early Kabbalists would visualize the Name and developed complicated meditations, some using permutations of the letters with different vowel sounds, to feel closer to the Divine. To this end, they would spend most of their day praying and meditating.

Because I come to healing and meditation from a background of movement, yoga, and dance, I like to experiment with physical ways of doing the mental exercises the early male Kabbalists so diligently practiced. Connecting to the earth and the physical body is a more female-oriented way to approach the same desired end...calling on the power of YHVH in a context of love and healing. Manifestation of potential requires grounding...not just mental exercise. I developed a form of yoga-like movement that embodied the Hebrew letters and special breathwork to accompany the movements. Uniting the physical with the mental seemed a more balanced way of working with these cosmic concepts.

But the key clue for me, that lead to the dragonfly, was the concept that all our energy, when balanced and flowing, resembles infinity signs. (This is according to Donna Eden, my teacher, and others who can see subtle energy clearly.) Tracing infinity signs with your hands, in the air, around a room, over food, or around a living creature, improves the balance and flow of energy. And, the infinity sign, like YHVH, symbolizes not only infinity, but the unity of opposites...the oneness of everything.

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