Private Sessions in Eden Energy Medicine

Private sessions in energy medicine, usually about 2 hours in length, take place in Highland Park, Illinois, about 35 minutes north of Chicago. If you are unable to travel, home or hospital visits are possible.

What to expect:

We will begin with a confidential discussion of what you hope the session will accomplish. You should plan to wear comfortable clothing without restrictions such as tight belts, ties, or underwire bras, which can inhibit the natural flow of energy.

Then, an assessment of your basic energy systems is made using applied kinesiology techniques — sometimes called muscle testing. After this initial assessment and corrections of any basic imbalances (such as energies flowing backwards, not crossing, or scrambling), you will usually lie down, fully clothed, on a comfortable massage table. There I will continue to assess and then balance your energies by touching your body or placing my hands off your body in your energy field. If anything I do is uncomfortable for you, I will of course respect your wishes and modify whatever I am doing.

You will usually feel incredibly stress-free and balanced by the end of the session, well-grounded, yet lighter and more engaged. When your energy is balanced and flowing, life becomes clearer, more joyful and vibrant.

If you want to stay this way, I will teach you special, empowering energy exercises to keep the changes in place. Of course, it is your responsibility to do them, but you may become sensitive enough to know exactly what you need and find yourself doing the exercises even beyond my recommendations. The body wants to heal itself and knows how to. Much of energy medicine is so instinctive that you may recognize a specific exercise as something you have unconsciously been doing for years! Although you have been continually balancing your energies on an unconscious level, now you can affect them consciously and powerfully.

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