About Devi

Devi Stern, M.S., E.E.M.-A.P. is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner (innersource.net) and a Certified Eden Energy Medicine for Women Instructor (energymedicineforwomen.com). She is a graduate of Cornell University and has an M.S. degree in Biology from Northeastern Illinois University. Devi taught high school biology and subsequently did endocrinology research at Northwestern Medical School and at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. In her leisure time, she performed with the International Dancers, a Chicago folk dance troop, and has taught and enjoyed dance and movement all her life.

Interest in energy healing developed first through studying the work of Caroline Myss. But when Devi suffered a serious injury herself, she was led to a gifted healer, the late Rev. Jacque Metheny. With Jacque’s mentoring, she soon enrolled in and graduated from Crossroads Institute of Energy and Consciousness in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Ever seeking, she also completed Jewish Shamanic training with Rabbi/Shaman Gershon Winkler (walkingstick.org). She studied Jewish/Kabbalistic healing in seminary and privately with Rabbi/Healer Douglas Goldhamer. Devi also trained in Kabbalistic Healing for many years with Dr. Jodi Prinzivalli and is a Reiki Master. But certification from Donna Eden enabled her to integrate all these practices into a form based both in technique and Spirit.

Love of dance and movement are also reflected in several of her healing workshops. Devi created and teaches a special kind of kabbalistic movement. This fluid, yoga-like form of body prayer is based on physical embodiments of the energies of the Hebrew alphabet. Devi also developed Innergize, a movement class which combines Eden energy exercises with specific energy-moving stretches.

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